U2 form transferring unemployment benefits

You must submit a U2 (PDU2) form in order to receive unemployment benefits from abroad, which requires that you are registered as a jobseeker in Denmark. Also make sure to create a CV on jobnet.dk

If you have an address in Rødovre, your case will be serviced by Jobcenter Copenhagen. They will forward the necessary forms to the relevant authorities in your home country in order for you to receive unemployment benefits.

We therefore ask you to show up at Jobcenter Copenhagen with your U2 (PDU2) document. See address below:

Jobcenter Copenhagen, Gammel Køge Landevej 43, 2500 Valby Entrance G 0
If you need further information, please, call +45 82 56 56 82 between 9:00-11:00 (Mon-Fri).

For further information go to this homepage:
U2 form - transferring unemployment benefits | International House Copenhagen (kk.dk)
If you need to write to us then use this secure mail address jkk@remove-this.kk.dk